New Membership Applications


The benefits of joining our society are:

  • Twice weekly competitions at various golf courses
  • Annual Society Competitions
  • Away Trips
  • Reduced Green Fees at Local Courses

Society membership is only open to people who hold a *12 month Non Immigrant Visa* and reside in Thailand for at least 6 months of the year. You must also either own property here or have a long term lease agreement. We also have handicap limits which are 28 for Men and 36 for Women.

*Visa requirements may be subject to change depending on Thailand Visa availability.*

If you wish to join our Society you will be required to play at least 5 times (One of these rounds must be played with a committee member) with us within a 6 month period before submitting an Application Form. This is in order to establish your credibility, and also a handicap if required. 

The following information is required by all applicants 


e-mail Address

Telephone Number 

Date of Birth (Must be Over 18 Years of Age) 


Passport (I/D) Number 

12 Months Non Immigrant VISA Number 

Proposed By Society Member    (Of at least one years standing)                                                         

Seconded By Society Member   (Of at least one years standing)                                                            

Required Documents: – Proof of Residency. (Minimum 6 Months).

plus House Rental / Ownership / Employment Contract / etc.

Two Passport Size Photographs + Photocopy of the Detail Page of your Passport.

Handicap Certificate (Not Compulsory).

Twelve Month Non Immigrant Visa (Photocopy from Passport is OK)

Photo copy of I.D. Card (Thai Nationals)

The committee will assess the application. Applicants may be asked to appear in front of a membership committee before acceptance is approved. 

Please be advised that we close the applications occasionally in order to regulate the memberships. There is then, a waiting list available. 

An application form is available at Berny’s. 

Please check that you can fulfill all of the above requirements before submitting your form to avoid disappointment.